Does This Affect Me?

Why it matters for local governments.  If your a local government under a Phase I or a Phase II municipal stormwater permit, the structure of a stormwater permit can greatly influence costs to implement and manage at the local level.  Many local governments do not have the ability to assess additional fees or taxes to pay for program improvements.  This can put a city, that in good faith wants a stormwater program to protect the states waterways from pollution in a position where they have to either cover the cost for increased permit provisions, but at the cost of other core general funded programs like police, fire, parks and libraries.  The Statewide Stormwater Coalition is focused on conveying the perspective of local stormwater practitioners that know what will acfive the best water quality outcome within the fiscal constraints the most local governments have. 

Why it matters to local small businesses.  Under the current regulatory structure, local governments are tasked with regulating “sub-regulated entities.”  These include the small businesses that are the backbone of local economies.  Increased stormwater requirements need to be developed with a balance between the cost and the benefit derived. The Statewide Stormwater Coalition understands that the success of California’s communities is dependent upon both a vibrant local economy and a healthy environment.  These are not mutually exclusive and stormwater policy in California can be developed to balance both with an engaged coalition of local governments.

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