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SB 965 introduced to reform broken process; signed by Governor in September 2012

On September 25, 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 965 into law.  SB 965 lays out a specific process, under certain types of matters before the board, to have direct communication with board members provided that specific noticing requirements are met.  The Statewide Stormwater Coalition (SSC) considers the signing of this bill into law as a victory and step towards leveling the playing field with respect to communicating with the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) members.

Read SB 965 (Chapter 551, Statutes of 2012)

Significant revisions to the Phase II permit

Through a consistent presence and a persistent fact-driven advocacy effort, the Statewide Stormwater Coalition, through its nearly 100 organization-strong coalition, was able to secure revisions to the first draft Phase 2 Municipal Stormwater permit.  These revisions saved local governments money, helped to keep water quality permit provisions that actually help improve the water quality in the state and allow for real-world solutions from stormwater practitioners – those in local government.

Link to second draft which will be adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board soon.

SSC testifies at October 6, 2011 Senate Select Committee on Job Creation and Retention

Statewide Stormwater Coalition (SSC) members Kelye McKinney (Roseville) and Robert Ketley (Watsonville) provided compelling testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Job Creation and Retention on the impact that the draft Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit would have upon already strained local general fund resources, possible cutting of core local services and the shuttering of local businesses due to the new costly draft Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit.  The committee focused exclusively on the Cal-Trans, municipal and industrial/general stromwater permits currently before the State Water Resources Control Board.

Testimony given by Kelye McKinney (Roseville)

Testimony given by Robert Ketley (Watsonville)

Testimony by Erik Justesen, President and CEO of RRM Design Group (San Luis Obispo)

Public comment made by Vice Mayor Susan Rohan (Roseville)

Hearing can be viewed on Cal-Channel here (#1 of 2).

Hearing can be viewed on Cal-Channel here (#2 of 2).


Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada asks State Board for 60 day extension on behalf of SSC; Board grants 30 day extension

At the July 19, State Water Board public hearing, during public comment, Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada asked the State Board for a 60 day extension on behalf of the SSC, reinforcing the 80 individual extension letters sent to the Board.  This extension also was made by 14 other legislators from both parties.

Assemblywoman Yamada also asked SSC members and supporters in the audience to stand to show their support for the request.  40 SSC member signs were held high to show the wide call for the 60-day extension.  Many thanks to those SSC members who drove to the Board meeting to show support for the Assemblywoman and the SSC effort overall.

The Board took the request in and responded favorably by granting a 30 day extension which SSC membership appreciated.  This extension will help local governments provide constructive feedback to Board staff with the goal of helping to create a new stormwater permit that achieves the State’s water quality objectives while creating a permit that is locally implementable and not cost prohibitive.

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